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Lasertec AG, Reinach

A strong team combines its ideas with our knowledge.

Personal advice, a high level of support and, last but not least, the ability to train your employees are what make our unique services a valuable expansion of your production process.


  • 1986     Founding
  • 1996     Merger of Lasertec AG, Styner AG and Traub AG
  • 1999     Acquisition of new building at Kägenstrasse 19
  • 2002     Launch on the market as Lasertec Group
  • 2006     20-year anniversary
  • 2014     Founding of Lasertec Paris
  • 2016     30-year anniversary


Stefan Traub
Roger Styner
Uwe Berger
Crispin Silva
Matthias Styner


Board of directors: Max Traub, Rolf Styner, Stefan Menzi
Management: Roger Styner, Stefan Traub

Employees at Lasertec AG: 18
Emplyees at Lasertecgroup.: 35


Lasertec AG
Kägenstrasse 19
CH-4153 Reinach

Tel. +41 (0) 61 716 94 00

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