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  • We cut for you on our laser cutting machine
  • We cut for you on our water jet cutting machine
  • We produce your punching die on our cutting and bending machine
  • We cut your samples on our plotter cutter
  • We draw your underlay and film on our plotter cutter
  • We mill your Pertinax routing head on our CNC milling machine
  • We mill your steel counterplate in various hardnesses on our CNCmilling machine
  • We produce your upper stripper die using our Easysetter CNC machine
  • We produce your blank separating tools with our bending machine and on the welding table in our mechanical workshop
  • We punch your control samples on our roller cutter machine
  • We build your desired embossing plate in every punching die
  • We check your punching die using our Bobst Easypress


A personal advisory service, a high degree of support and not least the ability to train your employees, makes our unique service a valuable addition to your production process.

You can count on us if there are any problems. We will not leave you in the lurch and will immediately search for the best solution for you – fast, uncomplicated and customer-oriented.


We produce your converting tools according to your file. We only need details about your die cutting material, gripper and die cutting machine. We do the rest.

We place the cutting knife, determine the stopping points and stripping parts and construct the perfect blanking tool for optimal performance in the production of your job.

We also advise you in the design of your layout for an optimal production.

Lasertec – with guaranteed competence.

Diecutting and embossing

Embossing blocks integrated in the cutting die with the highest precision.

Diecutting and embossing in one operation works easy when the embossing blocks are mounted precisely in the cutting die and the height is correct. Convince yourself of our quality.

For Braille produced in the folder-gluer machine you can obtain your Accubraille plates from us in shortest time.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee our converting tools. Cutting dies with counterplates are tested on our Easypress before delivery. You may rest assured that only optimal forms leave our premises.

You can rely on the Lasertec Quality guarantee.

Delivery service

Supreme precision, quick delivery service and the best advice – as one of the technically leading diemakers we can offer you all these services without compromise. Flexibility and express deliveries are the hallmarks of our business. We are always searching for the best delivery service for dispatching of your tools with our partners.

You can count on our reliability.


You can see step by step the makready of embossing blocs

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Even holes with Ø2mm can be easily stripped with a lower stripping tool.

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